How to Set different Icons for Read and Unread Messages in Private Messages

Hi, in this tutorial I will explain to you that how to set different icons for read and unread messages in wapka private message system!! Its so easy and will take only 3 minutes (Estimated) :)

Ok, lets start..

> First click :: EDIT SITE (#) :: link
> After that Click Wap2 link
> Click Styles for private messages link, this will open page where you can design private messages page.
> Click Message List link.
> Now in this page, you will see many options to design your private message message list.. we will change here the icons for read and unread messages with subject..
> scroll down to that page and find Style of read message: and Style of unread message:.
> Now text box under these text can have HTML tags Simple Text etc.. We wanted to show two icons for read and unread messages..
> So, in Style of read message: box we will add following code

You can view that I have used ::SUBJECT::, why I have used it?? its the wapka tag which will display subject of the message!!
> Now, in Style of unread message: box add the following code

Ok, thats done and now view your private messages list and see if we succeeded or not.. You can write even simple text for the read and unread messages like "R" and "U" respectively..

Try it out and let us know your experience or ask any question regarding this tutorial below via comments, thanks..
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