User Can Change Own Profile BgColor

Hi wapka users, its long time to have a tutorial in this site, but now on, you will get daily one tutorial and tips to make your wapka site perfect..

In this tutorial I will show you how to make user change his profile background color at his/her choice.. User will be able to change profile background color in easy way. User will just have enter color code or text name and thats it!! Lets make it..

Goto ES > Add autocontent > Autocontent for profiles > and chose the site which you want to use as profile autocontent.. Now open that site and add the following script via ES > WML/xHTML code

After this, lets create a site where you will add form to allow user to set color.. Lets suppose its site_1234..goto site_1234 and add the following code via ES > WML/xHTML code

Above code will add a form to the site which user can use to set color, there are many other techniques to enhance your form but thats not the scope of this tutorial..

Now every thing is done, your users are now allowed to change color of their profile pages.. Please note that, if user has not set any color code than no affect will be on profile page..

Please write errors or suggestion below to make this tutorial very helpfull :) enjoy
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  1. chairman abeg teach us the form registration page how to add ur form registrationchairman abeg teach us the form registration page how to add ur form registration

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  3. Thanks...the great wapka....

  4. thanks bro its helpful! My site


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