Add Google Translater to your wapka site

Is your site in English and you wanted to entertain other users other than eglish as well than follow this tutorial.. You will be able to add google translater to your site and you will not need to edit languages for anyone seperately.. :)

Goto ES > GLOBAL SETTINGS > HEAD TAGS.... > and insert the following lines of code and then press submit

Now you and your users will be able to surf site in many other languages than your actual one.. Hope it will help you..

Thanks for your time, please follow us!!

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  1. I had add this tag. Bt nothing Happened .

  2. nothing happened too. How do I undo it???

  3. Have tried to delete it...but no option for delete :(

    1. You can goto ES > GLOBAL SETTINGS > HEAD TAGS > Delete the lines you added above


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