Add Profile Status Update in Wapka

Hi, Someone requested me this tutorial to add profile status update option for registered users as like facebook, I added a tutorial on it using blog system in wapka but it was not up to the mark as said by the user.. So on another request we are adding this tutorial that in our review will be up to the mark and we hope you will like this one.. :)
let's do it now..

01. Login to your account at wapka
02. Goto Admin Mode
03. Add a Single Forum via ES > FORUM > set visibility to admin mode and also et forum ID (Available at the bottom of the forum)
04. Goto Autocontent of your profile page via ES > ADD AUTOCONTENT
05. Now add the following code in top autocontent via ES > WML/xHTML code

Now in above code change XXXXX with forumID in step 3
06. Now goto site where you want to add form for new status update and insert the following code via ES > WML/xHTML code

In above code change XXXXX with forum ID from step 3 and YYY with site ID where you want to redirect after successful post. Please sett visibility to the form for the logged users only via ES > USER > ITEM VISIBILITY
07. Now go and check it out

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  1. Still nt up the mark,coz no comment n like feature in it. . . . . .

  2. Request it New Tutorials and we will be there to help you by adding new tutorial

  3. Unblock my site I have been sending a lot of emails to but you do not reply. So tl me wht to do as user to get the site back because you don't even reply

  4. Hello Habib, This code is not work, what is this?

  5. Hello Habib, I want friend list code in user profile... Like, Plz help me...

  6. Notic@ Why was your site blocked?
    Azim Khan@ Please request your new tutorial request at and Where you used this code, can you write more details?

  7. Hamed are u the like fundunia master?

  8. Hello Habib, I want friend list code in user profile...

  9. plz post...just like

  10. it not showing that a user updated his profile

  11. It doesn't show Like Dislike and Comments link.

  12. Thank you for your code. It helps... :)


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