Change Default Online and Offline Text with Images

Hi, this tutorial will teach you how you can change the default ONLINE and OFFLINE text with your own images.. its simple as 1 2 3..

so lets do it..

Goto ES > PICTURE > upload pictures for off-line and online as per your site needs.. > copy their full URL's

Now goto MAIN > SETTINGS > EDIT TEXT > Private Messages / friends > find "Off-line" and "On-line" > Paste URL's of pictures that you have added above respectively for the off-line and on-line > Press 'EDIT'

Thats it.. now goto places in your site where you have this status, you will see that on-line is now any picture and off-line is also any picture :)

Note: if you have uploaded icons in ES > picture then you can use icon id.. eg. :ic-100: etc instead of whole URL

Enjoy, write any errors if you find thanks

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  1. can u give tutorial on how to get ;ist of online users and registered users with below function

    Profile image
    Male Age(19)
    pc chat , msg, forum
    Add As Friend »
    Bussy At » Online Users (1)
    My IP »
    Country » NPL( NP )
    Browser » Mozilla

  2. Where can i find MAIN > SETTINGS


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