Create banners Online Free With wapka Image Creator P1

I will write tutorial on creating images, pictures or even banners with image creator service... All you can do online.. googd for those who has mobile phone and can't create images as because they dont have softwares..

In this part I will cover basics, tutorial to be continued for few more parts..
Lets begin our learning period.

1. login to your wapka account
2. Click TOOLS
4. Click NEW IMAGE
5. In next page you can set image resolutions.. i.e. height and width
6. In first text box write image width, image width can't exceed 320px.. Write 50 for example..
7. In height text box write 50 as well..
8. Now elect background color.. I've selected green in this tutorial, you can select own.. Also you can select transparent.
9. Click Submit button "Create Picture"
10. Now you will enter to the editor.. There are many option available to edit your picture..
11. For now, click link at the bottom "Save Work"
12. Write Project name: and press "Save Work" button, i,ve wrote 123
13. Now Click "Cancel Work", this will send you to main page
14. Now click TOOLS
15. Click Image Creator
16. Click Load Saved Work
17. You should find 123 named link.. (Dont click X icon because it will remove your picture without confirmation)
18. Now click 123 link, this will send you to the editor where we were before. :)

Please wait for more about image creator this was basic yet, we will discuss more advance features in other tutorial shortly..

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  1. when i click Tools,i don't see Image Creator


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