How to Add File Comment System in Wapka

Hello,, in this tutorial you will learn how to allow visitors to comment on your uploaded files in file manager.. Actually, its not possible yet in wapka but due to high demand I decided to write a tricky tutorial on it, maybe some of you will not like it and some of you will love it..

Lets do our tricky tutorial to design wapka site free..
1. Login to your free wapka account
2. Click Admin Mode
3. Add new simple forum (ES > ADD FORUM > visible to admin mode only..)
4. Click that forum link
5. Remeber the "Forum ID: 12345" (Remember the numeric ID) you will find this at the bottom of the forum..
6. Now goto File Manager (ES > FILE MANAGER) and upload a file, remeber its file ID..
7. Please upload to any directory and remeber its dir ID.. i.e. 77 etc
8. Now goto main page of your site
9. Goto ES > WML/xHTML code > insert the following code..

In above code change XXX with directory ID, see step 7.
Change YYYYY wit forum ID, see step 5
Change ZZZZZ with item ID/File ID, see step 6
Change VVVV with site ID where you want to redirect the user after comment
The ,main drawback of this is that you will have to create forums for every file seperately, maybe in future i maybe able to find the best solution, but thats it for now, please try this and comment if you like it or suggest something!!
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  1. Nice trick bro. Your site is also very nice.

  2. i have better solution then it
    check my site
    you don't need to create seperate forum

  3. bro i like your posting .. thank you bro

  4. not good enuf. We need u to cum up with a way to add comment to any uploaded file, just like facebook. has dat feature

  5. go to register, then on on the home page scroll down to ladies link or gents links, u ll see pic an each picture has unique comments on each uploaded file. Just like facebook comments on uploaded picture

  6. Bro please i nid ur help @ i dnt knw hw to create these message,shoutbox,bbc code nd other

  7. You can find all of them here in wapka tutor

  8. Hey bro Can u tell me that can i change face book fan profile picture

  9. pls go to and select any file and click on comment and pls then see the link it was belong to particular file. And suggest me code.

  10. How do I put my item ID?


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