How to add links and images in RSS Feeds in wapka

Many of you wanted to add or include images in RSS Feeds in wapka to make your RSS feeds more reasonable.. Thats possible in wapka.. Just follow our tutorial
After this tutorial you will able to ADD Images and Links to your wapka RSS FEEDS..

1. Login to your free wapka account
3. Click :: EDIT SITE (#) ::
4. Goto Global Settings
5. Click RSS Feeds
6. Click Add new feed
7. In title add your title for feed
8. Select Site id or forum id
9. Write ID of site or forum..
10. In description ad following
10.a. If you wanted to add link, add following code

Now you can change XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX with URL of link including http:// and change YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY with link title..
For Example:

10.b. If you need to add images to your RSS Feeds, use following code

Change XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX with your own image..
For example..

Please remove # in all above codes before adding..
That way you can add every link in one RSS Feeds or can add images as well.. Please LIKE us on facebook and be part of our growing family
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