How to add Login Form in Wapka Pages

You can add login form to your sites any page and also can design it very easily and according to your site. just need too add some wapka tags and here you go.. See below for more illustration

1. Login to your free wapka account
2. Goto Admin Mode
3. Goto page where you want to add login form
4. Goto ES > WML/xHTML > inser the following code

In above code instead of XXX you can write site id of your wapka site where you want to redirect user after successful login details..
Instead of FORMAT you should use following format variables..Explained below one by one
Text/HTML - You can use any HTML and any Text you want inside both tags
%login% - This will add the login field where user will be able to add username
%pass% - With this variable user will be able to add password against the username to login
%al% - This will add checkbox to add an option for the user to select or not the automatic login
%submit% - At last is this variable which will display the submit button to the user to request login access..

Now you have to add %login% %pass% and %submit% but you can ignore %al%
For example..

In above code, as you can see user will be redirected to the home page after successful login..
That was tutorial about easy login system.. you can make changes to it and make it that best resembles your site skin :)
For further help please write below..

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  1. Thanks very much,i really appreciate

  2. how to add notifacti0n massage if the user adding a wr0ng loggin name/pw?

  3. i set the thing up but when i tested the login (and the register) function, it showed me




    %al% enable automatic login


    it was fine when i was typing in my password and user, but thenit changed into that after i pressed submit

  4. How to add forgot password at login page?

  5. How can i create login access page?

  6. I path the ::ip_link:: flag but it dose'nt work

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  8. please can i use normal HTML elements to create forms?


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