How to Change Paging Links

In this tutorial we will learn how to change default paging tags link names to our own names in wapka.. For example change < to previous and > to next etc..

Lets Do it.
1. Login to your wapka account
4. Now click OTHERS
5. Now from many text boxes find < (< in lister)
6. In the text box write "PREVIOUS"
7. Under that text box you will find this > (> in lister)
8. In this textbox write "NEXT"
9. Under that you will find >> (>> in lister)
10. In its text box write "LAST"
11. Now goto end and click the EDIT Submit button..

Thats it you have changed the default links name in :paging:-----:/paging: tags!

Any problem? Ask below..

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  1. How can i edit full lister? Wapka original lister is . Prev . Next . Last ..1. 2 ..... 2 bt how can i change into page: 1 2 3...last

  2. you are great thanks man

  3. When i click on any page,it does not change,remain same

  4. How to Change the Style of Pagelink (::LISTER::) in css?
    Please help me with the code to edit the style.

  5. Have been trying to change the that is on mai site to .tk bor it nt easy for me @ site how can i go about it

  6. how to set lister in category page my all folder coming on one page i cant set 10 category each page pls help me

  7. how Editing Wapka Texts

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