How to comment your HTML code

In this tutorial you will learn how to comment your HTML tags.. Comment helps you to understand your HTML tag when next changing.. For example your code is so complex if you will not comment part of it you will not really remember what was where and how and when etc.. All this can be forget with the help of comment tag.
To comment any HTML tag use following code

For example on usage, see following

Now if i use above code below i will only find line but not the comment text, see

its because everything in between comment tag will be ignored by browsers and therefor will not be displayed to the user, but you can see it i n source code..
Try it in wapka and if any help needed write us..
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  1. Sir..first of al tank u 4ur wondaful turtorial.sir i want a wnl code for coment i created a page via new page..after doin smewrite up like e.g What do you think of ahmed? then i want a box dat user cn post wat they tink of ahmed and it wil apear on dat very page i created Note sir new page.plz help me i ve tried bt ntin..


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