How to disable Cell Phone Emulator in wapka

Want to hide Cell Phone Emulator in wapka when you visit your site from PC??
Well, its really easy to do.. Just follow me and you will be able to disable the cell phone emulator in web verssion..

See Below Example of cell phone emulator
1. Login to your wapka account
2. Click Admin Mode
3. Goto ES > Global Settings > Other > Find Disable cell phone emulator in www version ( and mark/check the checkbox against it.
4. Click SET Button

Now visit your site in web browser to see the changes.. Any questions? Feel free to ask
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  1. It can be done easily by visiting

  2. Yes, you are right.. but why not make it better for all?

  3. Exceptional! Normally We never go through whole content though the approach an individual composed this information is just amazing this also stored my desire for studying and that i liked it.

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