How to get own email address free wapka

Do you wanted to get free in wapka?? Well, you are at right place, we will teach you how to do this..

1. Login to your wapka free account..
2. Goto Settings
3. Click Own Domain
4. Ad your own top level Domain..
5. After 24-48 hours you will see following text in own domain section in wapka "Activate e-mails with Google Apps:"
6. Now goto HERE
7. Select existing domain name and write domain address..
8. Select "Administrator: I own or control this domain" and insert your domain name: for xample ""
9. Fill up all required fields
10. Select admin name (e-mail) and password
11. In next site get DNS TXT record (google-site-verification=...)
12. Copy unique string (TXT record)
13. Come back to wapka own domain settings and paste that string (TXT record) here.. Please note that (google-site-verification=xxxxx), paste only xxxxx
14. Now you can goto to goto your email address..
15. Now you can create new accounts.. in google cpanel you will have every thing

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  1. Bro where i get google verif. Code u mean On this link

  2. It should be in your site adding wizard by google..

  3. where i will paste verification code in wapka?


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