How to Include Data From Other Pages in Wapka

No other site than wapka allows to include data from your other pages in one wapka site.. hat's very easy simple and helpful indeed. For example you have designed best header on any page of your wapka site and now you wanted to copy it to other page but don't want to edit both of two again then you got right answer, you will like to include that data so that you update on the page it should update all. Lets learn how to do it..

There are two ways to get data from any other page of your own site..
First is to get data with the starting division tags and the other is to get data without starting and ending div tags..
See example below

Now if you change siteid with required id than all of your data will included to the current page, i.e. if you write :include-0: then all data from your homepage will be included the page where you have added this.. You can add this via ES > WML/xHTML code
Now lets discuss other way.. Se example

This is same as above ut with little difference, it does not get starting div tags and ending div tags..
Check it out on your site and let us feel the pride to introduce and tute this amazing tag to you..

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