HTML heading tags explaine h1 to h6

Today we have decided to also include tutorials about HTML that is widely used language in the world.. You will need to learn it before using wapka for best possible use of wapka.

In this tutorial we will learn heading tags for wapka, these tags are usefull if you want to add prominent text or heading. Lets learn it!!
Any Header tags are started with h1 and ends with ending tag
Lets see some examples..

There are six heading tags h1 to h6 all have different type in visibility.. For instance see below, added all above code as are in textarea


- h1


- h2


- h3


- h4
- h5
- h6

I hpe you will now understand what are HTML heading tags all about, you can add these tags in wapka via ES > WML/xHTML.. Check these tags and write below for more info!!
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