HTML hr tag to Draw Horizontal line

In this tutorial you will learn to draw a horizontal line in any wapka page or any other HTML page as well.. This is very simple tutorial but very useful for newbies around here..
The tag creates a new linne and drew it on request.
For example, see below line

Its simple now but you can change its color to red or any other

Sample below..

Add it in wapka via ES > WML/xHTML
Go and check it on wapka and come back here to see more :)
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  1. U are de best . I have been looking for dis in almost all de forums and blog but could not get solution . I tank u again ,,,, may u live long. But still having problem with download page

  2. But in wapka it is not possible to me to draw a horizontal line to whole page i mean to starting from left corner to right . I hope you understand . Plz rply me .

  3. on how to tag? is it on text or link?

  4. I think you are the one and one best author for wapka in the whole world,because I had learned very much from your blog,thanks for the posting keep it up

  5. thank u very much. i think u r the best.

  6. Hey, I want to make this line double. How can I do that?

  7. Bro How Can I Make The Line Shorter?

  8. How Can I Frame My Wapka Site With Lines


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