HTML meta tags explained for wapka users

Hi, you can use following tags in your site..

Just goto ES > GLOBAL SETTINGS > HEAD TAGS,... > insert code which you need from below codes..

Want to add site discription for SEO, use following..

To add keywords for the better SEO, use following

1,2 are keyword numbers, you can add as many as you want but seperate with comma (,)

To tell browser about the admin/author of this site, you can use following

You can ause all at once or one by one, its your decision..
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  1. nice n useful post.frnd,How to add meta tags for each post or /articles/page that we made on wapka site ?

  2. Hmmm. I dont think so, may be in future it will be possible to do this.. But I will think about some trick to do it with current features.. :)

  3. Bro i want to wap2 color on my Site to head meta and style bcoz opera is showing big font and uc web not show big why

  4. Its because Opera and UCWeb browser are different from each other.. So their programming is not same..

  5. sir see my site.. ..pls rate it and tell me wat more should i add to get more traffic??

  6. Thanks
    how to add most suitable keywords


  8. visit and tell some possible of impoving the design

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  11. Thanks For Valuable Info Bro Do Check My New Website Thanks again:)

  12. i cant open any wapka site in firefox all sites open in chrome but not in firefox bro can anyone help..... thanks.

  13. please help me sir,, when i open my wapka site on mobile browser . its displayed under sony ericsson walpaper


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