Insert Currrent Time in Wapka Site

You can display current time to users very easily with wapka simple time tag.. All you need to do is insert tag and thats it.. Wapka Time Function is explained below

The wapka Time functions begins with :time-beg: and ends with :time-end: in between these two tags you can use any time format you like. All are written below..
y - year as two numbers (07)
Y - year as four numbers (2007)
z - number of day in year (001-365)
m - number of month (01-12)
n - number of month (without begin zero, 1-12)
M - abbreviation of month name (Jul)
F - month name (July)
d - number of day in month (01-31)
j - number of day in month (without begin zero, 1-31)
t - number of days in month (28-31)
D - abbreviation of day in week (Mon)
l - day name (Monday)
h - hour (01-12)
g - hour (without begin zero, 1-12)
H - hour (01-23)
G - hour (without begin zero, 1-23)
a - am/pm
i - minutes (00-59)
s - seconds (00-59)

For example see these codes..

You can add these tags via ES > WML/xHTML code and Also via ES > text
For further help write below, thanks..
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  2. How want Break line html code ?

  3. How want Break line html code ?

  4. How want Break line html code ?

  5. How want Break line html code ?

  6. Kausar@ Please post only once.. break line html code??

  7. how can we add st on date like - Fri 21st Dec 12 ......

  8. How do I make it update automatically? like go from say, 12:00 00 to 12:00 01 without refreshing the page

  9. but its not IST , i from india so i need indian standard time for wapka
    plz help me....

  10. Pls i nid backlink and


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