Introducing Premium Program

As like wapka's free features, you can avail premium features for free!! Yuppeeee thats absolutely right. You don't need to pay for wapka premium features at all.. :) How to activate these features?? Well keep reading.

Lets first list the wapka premium advantages you can have for free..
1. Double your memory...

How to activate this??
Goto MAIN > SETTINGS > check the enable premium program checkbox and press save..

How you will be cost??
At the bottom of your site will be added one more advertisement.. i.e. wapka initial ad + your premium program ad.. :) You can deactivate it at any time..

This way you can double your memory.. i.e 2GB to 4GB etc.. also you will get double benefits in terms of memory, i.e. for referring new users and more..

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  1. pls bhai what is the benefits of displayin extra wapka adds on my site?

  2. Please tell me how to upload an html code provided by Google on any wapka site for verification of site.

  3. how to upload my file as
    pleez tell me


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