Learn How to Use Random Tags in Wapka

Hi, today i will teach you how to use random tags perfactly as well as reasonably..

First of all, let me explain the syntax, which can be used in wapka

Now this tag will display XXXX, YYYY, ZZZZ randomly one at a time..

We always start random tags with ':rand-beg:' here 'beg' means begin or abbrivade of begin

We end random tag at ':rand-end:' as its tag tells all what the story behind.

Now if we want many more contents in our random tags so that we can display them randomly, we use ':rand:' tag.. We will seperate items in our upcomming example with this tag.. You can add many many items, you just have to seperate it with ':rand:'
Here is the example:

opy it and paste it in ES > WML/XHTML to test what it display..
AS you can see in our example, we have three links in our random tag 'example1, example2, example3' all will display randomly one at a time..

You can do many other thing in random tags like can add pictures, can add download files or any thing in the world.

Some Tips:
1. If you want to display random number from 1 - 1000.. instead of writting: :random-beg:1:rand:2:rand:3.......................:rand-end: you can write

2. If you want to save last random result that random tags generated.. you can use
:rand-beg:@:rand-end: at any page where you have random tags..
For example:

will display the last randomized number from the random numbers 1-1000

Hope you understand now, how can be used random tags.

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  1. This can be almost all very a novice to myself which article truly opened up my face.Thanks for discussing along with us your perception.

  2. Pls add tags for recent added files, top downloads


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