Make Your Wapka Account More Secure

These days many accounts hacked due to low level of security.. To avoid this you need to secure your account, we have wrote this tutorial just for this purpose..

Wapka Says "With this option enabled is your login in fixed on selected browsers (cookies must be allowed). If someone steal your password and his browser is not in the list of allowed browsers, he will be asked to insert PIN code. So he can have your access details (login+password), but he can't login without valid PIN code!"

So lets do some security installment..
1. Login to your wapka account
3. Now find this in Settings page - Enable Browser verification (set)
4. Enable this check box.
5. Now save Settings..
6. you will be asked to enter PIN CODE to save settings
7. You can enter PIN code or can get new one with one link..
8. If you will click SET, you will see all allowed browser you can remove all or one of them..

That way you can secure your account.. Thanks for being part of wapkatutor

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