Memberlist with JumpBox code in Wapka

Hi, i will teach you how you can use jump box in userstats, it is same for other list (forumlist, filelist) with little edition you can use jump box for all..

lets start:
First of all create a new site (ES > NEW SITE) now open this site and add the following code via ES > WML / xHTML

then add the following code as per your selection, i mean you may add it in top or bottom, its entirely your choice..

Now what this code will do??
It will show all registered members with option to set order, visitor will be able to set method of order (by points, by name, by login count etc)

This code will show, username, country flag and status and a link to user profile..

Now we will add jump box in this list..
simply add the fiollowing code at the end or at the top of above codes in one site that you made for memberlist..

User will enter any page number and he/she will be redirected to that page..
Hopw you will like this tutorial, do write us your comments below.. thanks

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  1. nice
    my site is <a href="></a>


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