Wapka Debug Tools Explained

Wapka debug tools are for those who wanted to debug their site and get rid of any error.. These debug tools will not be available in user mode, only in admin mode these can be used. These tools are very usefull if you are facing any error and could not solve it.. How? just keep reading you will find everything.. :)
To access debug tools page, do following
1. Login to your wapka account
2. Goto Tools
3. Click Debug Tools
4. Here you will find all of the debug tools that are available..
5. If you need to activate any tools just mark them and click Change Settings Button
6. If you need to deactivate the tool just uncheck/unmark it and press Change setings

Tools are explained below..
1. Disable content in HEAD
If you had any error in ES > GLOBAL SETTINGS > HEAD TAGS.. you can easily disable the head tags and can solve the code in tags so that it can be accessed in user mode without any error
2. Disable xHTML/WML items
This option will disable all wml/xhtl items in your site added via ES > WML/xxHTML code.. By this tools you can debug your codes very easily for the user mode
3. Disable ex-loaders
It will disable exloaders in your site, it will increase performance of your site and also it can help you to solve problems that are in exloader items
4. Disable advertisements
This will disable all advertisement that are added via ES > Advertisement or :ad: tag
5. Enable overall load time (at the bottom of every site)
This will enable the site loading time at the end of your each page, so that you can check which page is loading slow and which is loading fast

These tools are very very useful indeed, please disable them after you change settings or correct the code. More help needed? Ask via comment form below!
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