Wapka Online Stats code with paging

This tutorials will help you to add stats for your site with paging tags, IP, Browser, Country and Current location of your site.. Also it will display max online today and current online stats..

For this p;ease do following
1. Login to your free wapka site account
2. Goto Admin Mode
3. Add New Page
4. Suppose your new page is /site_0.xhtml
5. Goto ES > WML/xHTML code and add the following code

Now if your site is other than 0 than ou should change the code by changing 0 with other value in :paging: tag..i.e. u=...

Find bugs, please report.
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  1. can you give me a code of "people you may know"

  2. Yes I can Give you the code, I will write tutorial on it :)

  3. not clear abt paging so how to put make pages1,2,3??? here if i pase code it only create pages 1...1

  4. Because you have less than 5 items, if you have more than 15 items then you will see three pages as 1 2 3

  5. will u give the code overall online record

  6. Bro. I want to like this code examle Typing popup to Naushad, Viewing Naushad Profile, bro i like this tlocation and Title please its very important...

  7. Bhai agr kisi ke profile me jayen to title ye hona chahiye jese Ahmed's profile and agr popup kare to Typing popup to ahmed and Sorry i wrote in hindi

  8. First one is possible but the second option is not possible..

  9. ERROR: parameter [m] is missing
    what can i do for this eror?

  10. If there is no online user then you will see this error, but don't worry this error message is not displayed to user..

  11. [url]http://help4wapka.wapka.mobi[/url]

  12. Log in button disappear and logout profile button appear If user logged in. How it comes bro?

    1. Its very easy just set user protection on the links. I am going to write tutorial on it today.

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. i need some codes for my wapka site help me
    +918184868880 my number call me.
    1.paging code
    2.updates code.
    tell me any online to buy these codes.


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