Wapka Source Code Viewer

In this tutorial I will explain about wapka source code viewer..
Source code viewer works as a bot and gets the source code of the required site and displays it. You can see source code of any site in the world very easily.. This will be helpful for those who wanted to learn the advance programing and it will help newbies very well..
Do you wanted to see source code of a site? do following..
1. Login to your wapka account
2. Goto Tools
3. Click Source Code Viewer
4. In provided text box enter "http://google.com"
5. Click View Source
5. It will display the source code of google.com in checkboxes form.
6. Now mark/check the 1. line and press copy selected code
7. Now a textarea containing the copied code will appear, now its upto you if you like you can copy the text via mobile or press the copy code button below the textarea code
8. If you clicked the button you will be able to add source code to your wapka site via ES > WML/xHTML function without copy..
That way you can add many source code examples to your site with one click..
Now look at "advance settings"
9. under the View Source button you will see advance settings link, click it
10. Some options will be displayed
11. One of them is lines / site with this you can set lines displayed per site.. ie 100 or 5 or 1 etc
12. Second one is "colored HTML tags" this option will color the HTML tags in code
13. The third one is "Displays HTTP Headers" if you wanted to also see HTTP Headers in code you can mark this option..
14. After that click View Source button above options..

Hmmm... Now I think you will be able to get source code of any site very easily to learn some basics.. Miss use of this service is not adviced though :)
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  1. I tried to view the code of the second page i.e site_1 but it keeps refering me to login_site. what can i do?


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