Add List of Online Phones in Your Site

In this tutorial I will show you how you can display list of all online phones in your site in your statistics page..

Just do the following if you wanted to show online phone list in your wapka site.. This is helpful if you wanna display the statistics about your site to the world..
  1. Login to your free wapka account.
  2. Goto Admin Mode
  3. Create new page via ES > NEW PAGE and name it Online Phones..
  4. Ad the following code via ES > WML/xHTML code
  5. Open the above created page and add the following code via ES > WML/xHTML code
  6. Now you will see online phone list, every phone will be on new line..
view Demo
Thats it, now you have added the Online phones stats to your free wapka account.. User of your site will love this info.. :)
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  1. I have some problem of filelist. When user click on file name user found this download system. But i have no tutorial for this. Please give me some information!

  2. What is the advantages of a paid domain? is it increase visitors of our site?
    help me to purchase a .in domain?

  3. I need all blog count & all blogs comments count on my wapka site!

  4. Anonymous@ We will try to add your tutorial
    ASIL@ Paid domain helps you to better market your site, and users can remember your short name easily also it helps in popularity. See to buy .in domain
    Raj Ahmed@ Use l=0 in bloglist code :)

  5. since 1month nw i hv been askin 4 forum tutorial bt no answer..... Pls help me wit forum design code...

  6. okk.. We will add it in next 2 days

  7. I need female online list, male online list & staff online list! give love system on profile & shout like system! i need last activites system on my wapsite & i need user activity in user profile! i need husband & wife system just it.. no more! plz , plz, plz... give me some tutorial for this!

  8. Sir,i have a doubt.When i registering on admob,buzzcity,they asked me to enter company name,company url,company address etc.What i have to enter?I am a student and i don't work on any company.Then what i enter on that field?

  9. Hai,when i registering on adiquity,they ask me to enter PAN Card number.What is pan card?How much age required to apply pan card in india?How to get it?

  10. I had a wapka site.I registered on admob.When i click on add site,i see android app,ipad app,iphone app,smartphone web,windows 7 app.Which i select to display ads in my wapka site.

  11. Comment#7 @ So much of requests okkk., :)
    Comment#8 @ Company Name is your site title and Company URL is site URL like
    Comment#9 @ Please search ggoogle for PAN card I have no info about it :(
    Comment#10 @ Sorry, admob can only be used via adsense now on.. and if you have any application you can use admob interface..


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