Add Polls to Your WapSite

Hi, in this tutorial you will learn how to add a Poll in wapka.. User will have options to answer your poll and many more.. This is so simple and you can make it so easily..
just follow these steps..

  1. Login to your free wapka account
  2. Goto Admin Mode
  3. Add a new page via ES > NEW PAGE and set title of the page to My Poll, After that open the added page
  4. Goto ES > TEXT > ADD the following text >

  5. Goto ES > SERVEYS > There you will see the following options..
    1. Possible answer: Here you can write possible answers to your question as many as you want.. for example.. in our above question, we asked that "You like our site?" in step 4.. so according to this question, there can be three answers..
      1. Yes
      2. No
      3. I don't know
      in possible answers, we will write the following code

      In above code, you can see that we have separated our answers with @, that mean you can add many answers by just using @ as separator for answers..i.e.

      above code will add 6 options: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6
    2. [] Display quite count of voters: If you will mark this option than you will see total count of voters in your poll beneath the last possible answer..
    3. There are some more options in the adding survey page, I think you are familiar with those options, so no need to explain it here. If you still want explanations please write below..
  6. Now you are done, please click the submit button to add the poll to your page.. You can edit it in future via ES > EDIT.
  7. Tips and Tricks
    1. default separator for answers is
      (break line) you can specify own tag, just see this code

      In above code you can change with any tag or text you wanna use as separator, like you can use hr tag, see below

    2. Some users wanted to sort the option by high votes count.. I mean that if Yes got 2, No got 30, I don't know got 40 than I don't know will be on top, No will be on 2nd position and Yes will be on third position.. it will change dynamically after every new vote.. you can use following code

      No changes required in above code..
    3. You must insert question via ES > TEXT or ES > WML/xhtml as we did above.. There is no option to add questions via ES > SURVEYS :(
That was a neat and nice little tutorial about adding surveys or polls to your site, keep in touch for more like these tutorials and make your site fun :) Comment if you like this tutorial or having any error..
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  1. How can i add shout like & dislike system on my wapsite? & show it who like this shout or dislike..Plz tell me!


  3. 1st@ I will add tutorial on it.. I have added it in my todo list
    2nd@ Thats not possible, only you can do is to add new survey..

  4. Is there any way to add polls via wapka tags. Actually, I want to add polls at FAQ page of my wapsite I wanna add Was this information useful question below every answer of FAQ with the options as "yes" or "no".

    please help....

    1. Reply me answer at my email at

      Thank you! :)


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