Add Shout Box in Your Wapka Free Site

Hi, in this tutorial you will learn how to create shout box for your site.. lets create a shout box..

First of all create a site to display all users shouts via ES > NEW PICTURE

After that goto ES > FORUM > add a 'simple' forum > note down its ID (to view id open this forum and at the bottom right you will see numeric value, that is ID)

After that open new created site and paste the following code via ES > WML/xHTML >

Change XXXXXX with above noted forum ID..
thats done. Now we need to create a form by using which user will add shouts for this just add the following code via ES > Wml/xhtml >

here change XXXXXX too with forum ID..
thats done with this user will add posts and they will see it immediately..
now something advance, suppose you wanted to show your shouts randomly at your homepage, what you will do?
answer is as follows...
Goto your Home page and add following code via ES > wml/xhtml >

Here, change XXXXXX with forum ID..
in our code we used 1-100 post as random.. you should change 100 with your total forum posts..

Thats it, you have created a shout box.. enjoy and comment if you find any error or liked it :) thanks
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  1. weldone sir...pls i dnt ustnd d YY bcos dey ar two there i.e YY YY wt wil i do pls..

  2. I have updated the tutorial, see changes in last code..

  3. please, after creating a shoutbox in this manner...ow can i can remove msgs posted by other users

  4. You can goto the forum taht we created in this tutorial and can delete or edit the content as you like..

  5. When entering 1st wml it says:
    ERROR:parameter[m] is missing

  6. Its because you don't have any forum posts yet.. add one and see

  7. how to add colour to the name of people who posted in shoutbox

  8. hi
    i have a problem in forums id it display eight number and all forums id is look like same. i want to ask is that good or bad because sometimes if am crete forum i saw in my forums many post i dont understand why pls help me

    1. Evey forum has its different IDs. No forum can have same ids. It helps wapka to understand forums in scripts.. ID are assigned to recognize your forums and associated data. Avoid creating so many forums instead just create one or two and emphasize on those.

  9. I don't know how to show gratitude to your site sir. It really helped me a lot.

  10. Wapka Shoutbox Code


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