Adult Toplist Rules For Wapka

In this tutorial I will share what kind of toplist sites you can use to promote your site in wapks, if you will not abide by the terms your site might be banned..

Please read the following terms and conditions that you should abide to remain active on wapka..
1. If URL or title of toplist contains adult word or part of the word, then you can't use it. Example of adult words: adult, xxx, sex,, porn,...
For example:
2. If in the first page of toplist is warning, that it's adult site or contains adult materials, you can't use it
3. This part is base of a lot of misunderstandings and because of that this rule is valid from now: If you open toplist, check first 3 sites there. If at least one of them is adult, then you can't use it. Adult site means, that there are for example adult pictures or banners.

Abide these rules or your site will be banned and you will lose many users.. Think about it, thanks for being part of wapka.
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  1. How i will deactive my wapka account? Coz i have 2 account on wapka! How many account i can create on wapka?


  3. You can create unlimitted number of accounts in wapka

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