Creating Quuick Download Page with Wapka

Hi, in this tutorial you will learn how to create quick downloader by id.. User will only write file id and after click will goto details page where he can download it..

Lets start..
First step:
Create a new site via ES > NEW SITE > open it and see its site_id (available at bottom right of that site)
after that
goto ES > WML/xHTML > insert following code (in new created site)

2nd step:
now any where in your site add following code via ES > WML/XHTML >

change 'X' with site id created in first step..

This is not the perfact solution but is good enough in future tutorials we will add another tutorial about it which will be better than this but thats it for now, try it in your site and you can do modifications as you like to make it yours :)
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  1. Bro You are always great u dont knw i gonna to asked of this code when u first box coded thank u so much

  2. Pleas sir am still having problem with my download page .. Can I send you my site name and password so u can help me design a good looking download page .cos am tired and am getting bord with wapka because of dis so pleas help

  3. I will try to add download page tutorial this week.. Please wait for it.

  4. Tank u very much ....... Please try and make de explanations in a lay man language .

  5. Please and please, kindly teach me how to make forum like that of popular wapka websites

  6. hi i am irshad..i have a desire to have popular wapsite..but i dont know about many tools to add help me...
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  8. thanks for the post. I used this in my site tere sang yaara


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