How to add CSS Class in Wapka to Style your Free Site

Hi, in this tutorial we will learn how to create a class or design in wapka to set it easily anywhere.. this ease our work quite awesomely..

so lets do it..

Goto ES > WAP2 > CLASSES SETTINGS > click the 'ADD NEW CLASS' link

In next page, name the class, eg. good or bad etc.. remember this name, it will be used later.. choose 'basic settings' radio option > click 'continue'

In next page, you will see planty of options.. like background-color, text color link color etc etc, just fill down the color that you need to have, you can use color names as well like red, blue etc.. After that you will see 'Border'.. you can select border type, position, color to set a border for our styles.. Beneath you will see 'margin' and padding.. margin means space from other items ad padding means space from border.. you can use pixels.. eg. 2px, 4px etc.. You can also select font-weight, font style, font size and font decoration.. take your time to set a good looking colors and settings, when you are done.. click 'add class' to add it or 'preview' to test it before adding..

Now your class is added.. now you will have this question in your mind that how to use it..

Well answer is pretty simple..

Any where on your site just set class and everything will be done..
let us sppose, we have created class 'fundunia', we will use it in following examples
For example:



infact, any tag you wanted to use, you can use.. just have to set class="fundunia" in all
Remember, css is case sensitive.. fundunia is not equal to Fundunia..

I hope you have learnt what I wanna teach you, you will deal with it in your all wapka life or even in any other programming languages as well.. Its basic info for a programmer..
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  1. Will this work even on the page names??

    1. yes you can use it for all page names. Read the following tutorial.
      Go to your wapka >admin>ES>wap2> and click on any page name you want >set class>your css
      That is all.

  2. How can i add icon in class i saw many wapsites having icons in classes.


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