How to Add Site To Wapka Catalog

Hi, in this tutorial I will show you how you can activate or ad your site in wapka top sites list at wapka's homepage...

This is very basic tutorial but its medicine to the newbies who wanted to get more and more hits to their sites.. If you will not add or activate your site in wapka top sites list you wont get any courage or any hits through search engines, you will have to strive to get hits..

Lets activate our site in wapka top sites list and get more hits to our site.. Do following..
  1. Login to your free wapka account
  2. Goto Settings by clicking the Settings link
  3. Now click Catalogue settings link, it will open new page..
  4. In this page you will find some options in a form, Here are all listed below..
    1. The first check box allows you to activate your site, if you will not mark it your site will not be active in wapka top sites list...
    2. The second text box allows you to describe your site, you can add maximum 60 chars in it.. You should describe your site briefly..
    3. Third is a select box, allows you to select the category in which your site will be added...
    4. At the bottom is EDIT button, click it after making required changes, this button will save your work and will activate your site in wapka catalog..
  5. Now, this will add your site in wapka top sites and also will be added to google automatically..
  6. If you don't want to activate your site, all is your choice, no one can ask you to do so. There are some sites which are personal and they don't want to share it with anyone except the friends, this option is helpful for them
I hope, you will now understand how you can get more hits in your wapka.. Enjoy and do comment if you like our work or atleast LIKE us on facebook..
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  1. How long does It take for a site to be activated because iv followed that procedure and my site has nt been activated yet

  2. Your site is activated automatically..but you will see your site in catalog after good visitors..

  3. How sites like tricks7 tapanwap easychat [top 20] are generating fake traffics??
    bcoz when we click on online users list it shows maximum 20 real users but 200+ fake users who doesnt have any relation with the site.
    How it happens? what methods they are following for many days???
    please reply sir.
    i will be thankful to you.
    and it will be a real help from you. thanks in advance.

  4. It is "ping site" cause by many programs he can add proxies as new user

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