How to Change PM Read and Unread Message Style

In this tutorial, I will show you how you can add different styles for read and unread messages in wapka Private Message system..

If you wanna add read and unread icon for your private messages then you will find this tutorial very useful. I am using the following icons..
ur for Read Messages
rd For unread messages
Follow the following instructions if you wanna change styles for read and unread messages in wapka Private Message System..
  1. Login to your free wapka account.
  2. Goto Admin Mode
  3. Goto ES > WAP2 > Styles for private messages > Messages list > Now at the bottom find this text Style of read message: under this text you will have one input box, copy and paste the following code in this box..

    > Now under the above box you will find this text Style of unread message: under this you will find an input box, add the following code init.

    > After that click the SET button at the end of form..
  4. Now preview your private messages and see if everything worked, if not please try once again and you will get to it very easily..
Thats it, you have styled your read and unread messages in wapka private messages, You can change pictures with your own if you have made one and also you can add more styles as you like :) Enjoy and comment if you like this one..
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  1. Thanx friend.. I like this tutorial..& its working..

  2. come on, this guy knows wat he si doing... wat a blessing.. Thanks a lot.. I enjoy the cos


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