How to Design Login Page in Wapka

Hi, this tutorial is added on request and in this tutorial I am going to tell you how to design your default login page with your own styles in wapka..

After this tutorial , I hope you will be able to design your login page with own HTML or CSS and can make your login page look like any other beautiful login systems.. This is very easy tutorial, you will love it.. Just follow me..
  1. Login to your free wapka account
  2. Goto Admin Mode
  3. Goto ES > Wap2 > click Styles for login/registration link > Click Login page link > You will find a textbox in the next page under the text "Own style of login page:"..
  4. Now in the page you can add following tags to design your login page.. You can add any HTML or CSS as you like..
    1. ::notifications:: = This tag is mandatory I think.. You must add this code any where you like in the text box to style your login page.. This tag displays the notifications, like Wrong username, wrong password etc to the user. Now if you like to design the notifications in your login page just add the CSS class with the name log_notification in style sheet file.. You can change text color or more.. Just need to know CSS..
    2. ::login:: = This tag adds the username field to the login form.. You need to add text before the ::login:: to make it user friendly.. You can do following.

      This will add the text before ::login:: field..
    3. ::password:: = Same as ::login:: but adds the password field to the form.. example of code you can insert

    4. ::ver_code:: = This tag adds the option to check verification code sent to the registered email if you have set the email verification in the registration settings.. You can avoid this if you have the other setting..
    5. ::autologin:: = This tag will add checkbox to allow user to save session for auto login at every attempt.. This will make your login system very user friendly..
    6. ::reg_link:: = This adds the registration link to the login page.. You can add it anywhere in the box.. You can avoid it or you can design it as you like.. Also you don't need to create a tag via HTML, it will be automatically added..
    7. ::lp_link:: = Use this tag if you wanna add the Lost Password link to your login page.. User can retrieve the password by clicking this link if they have forgot it.
    8. ::submit:: = This add the button at the end of the form to submit the form and check submitted data and create session and so on.. Its mandatory tag!! You can also place it above all, all depends on you..
  5. Now if you are done, just click the UPDATE STYLE button and your settings will be saved..
  6. Goto your login page and check new designs, if something went wrong comment and we will help you in your problems..
This indeed is a basic tutorial ut very very useful, the best login page attracts the most users, therefor they will come again and again if your login page is beautiful.. Please comment if you like this tutorial..
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  1. pls hw cn i add color to all my wapka page...including :Edit Site

  2. after trying this several times.. the login page doesnt appear.. should there be a problem with the system

  3. This is not for other pages in your site just use :login: function instead

  4. i created a registetion and log in page. but how to go to user's profile after loging in?????????

  5. when i design my login form and add it to my page using :login-X: format :/login: it still shows the default. Help pls

  6. how can a pass login page....i dont knw how to proceed it keeps bringing me back to the login page afta loginin in

  7. i cant see my login/registration page pls help

  8. after login in my wapka it direct goes to index page and i want sent them to other page how can i do that and also how can i design that page which will be shown after login plz help me.


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