How to Password Protect Your Content in Wapka

In this tutorial I will show you how to password protect your data, files etc in wapka. User can only see them if they have the password :)

Follow these steps to password protect your data in wapka..
  1. Login to your free wapka account
  2. Goto Admin Mode
  3. Add new page via ES > NEW PAGE
  4. Now add the following code via ES > WML/xHTML code
  5. Now via ES > WML/xHTML code add the following code
  6. Goto ES > Users > Item Visibility
  7. Now select the second code that we have added in step 5 and click on g c t l p u link
  8. In the next page you will find 6 options, click URL GET variable this will open new page
  9. In the page you will see following (Displayed in picture below)
  10. Now in variable field write get-password and from is field select the [=] is equal, after this in then value write the password text that you want to use for users, like mango and orange or complex one like e4z32s etc, in my example I will write mypass
  11. Now goto the page and check it in user mode whether it worked or not.
  12. If you like to hide the form if user has entered the correct password then you can set item visibility for the item that we have created in step 4, just change than value to empty and thats it..
With this you can set passwords for your contents and can tell password only to the required user.. This can't be hacked becasue all the background code is based on PHP so checking source won't help them to find the content :) Try it and let us know to improve it..
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  1. And bro you are Some texting msg was write wrong please See Again on 1st Code You write there INOUT But correct is INPUT and i have done it thankx 4 give me this tutorial thankxX;-)

  2. Naushad Akhtar@ Thanks for correction... :) I have updated the code now.

  3. Hahaha Thats Good its me Naushad Akhtar G


  5. not good camparing to

  6. In the last part of your code where to keep admin session. after you have put & you suppose to use :admin-hash: only and not :admin-hash-amp:

  7. The code work. But plz were can i post the iteam that i don't want user to see?

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.


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