Tricks to Disable Bottom Advertisement in Wapka

Hi, in this tutorial I will show you how to disable the bottom advertisement in wapka, you should read this if you want your site best..

You can easily disable the bottom link with my trick and can make your site best for visitors.. :)
Do you have friends and family members?? Why not refer them to wapka, so that they can create free website and you get your reward to bringing them.. You can reffer new users to wapka via the short link Change SITE-NAME-HERE with your wapka login.. What you will get by doing this? The answer is very simple, you get rewards for doing this in wapka.. :)
You get your bottom ad waved off from your site for each visit on your referred site.. How? Let me explain it with an example..
You referred two members, now each member create 200 pages each, 1000 visitors visit the referred sites, so that means your 1000 visits to your site will be without bottom ads or in other words the 1000 times your bottom ads will not be displayed..
That way for every visitor on referred site your one page will be without ads for the day..

This is very official and little trick to disable the bottom advertisement from wapka sites.. Please don't spam or your site will be banned for breaking TOS.. Enjoy and comment if you like this article.. :)
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  1. How can i add chatboat system on my wapka site?

  2. Hey friend,please help me.I am new in wapka.I created a site but i dont know about advertising in it.I registered on admob and buzzcity,and now what i do?I dont know,plz tell how to place ads amd earn money?

  3. 1@ I will think about it..
    2@ I have planned to write tutorial about the buzcity, please stay tuned.. You need to register ion and then use your PARTNER ID in wapka via ES > ADVERTISEMENT

  4. Hi. another way to disable bottom ads is tag placed at the very bottom. but it.s illegaly and your site will get banned... use it only if you create a site just for you and your friends:)

  5. N0$CRIPT TAG. blogger doesn.t accept to write thiS tag

  6. Plz reply. I'm new

  7. How can I add page breaks in my site? Also how to add the new contents in top of the site and old in next page? Please help

  8. codes on how i can put adverts on the right or left side of my wapka site...please

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. i tell esily Mail me 4 know disable bottom adv code...

  11. remove bottom ads without any referels. visit

    just copy and paste code to your site

    1. How to wapka bottom ads remove.. tell me step by step ..pls

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