What is WapBrowser in Wapka?

In this tutorial I will show you how we can use WapBrowser in wapka and actually I will explain briefly What is WapBrowser..

What is WapBrowser??
Imagine, you see a link on any site and wanted to add it into your site without use of any programming knowledge you can do it in seconds with wapbrowser in wapka, its that easy!! You can copy and download link to a file or any thing else that you wanna add into your site..
How to do??
Just follow these steps and you will able to do what I said above :)
  1. Login to your wapka account
  2. Goto Admin Mode
  3. Goto ES > NEW BOOKMARK/LINK > click 'Use wapbrowser' link at the bottom.. you need to do following
    1. Enter wap site URL in provided field from where you wanna use links, press submit button, it will goto the destination url..
    2. Now at the end of that site you can see a link "Menu", click it..
    3. Now you will see two more options "back to YOUR SITE ADDRESS" and "USE LINK FROM THIS SITE"
    5. You will see all links that are used on that page, click link that you wanted to add to your wapsite
    6. Now you will be redirected to insert new bookmark/link page in your site with URL of your selected link and title
    7. Now you can easily add that link to your site :)
  4. You can view any wap site and its contents with it.. Can copy any link or any downloadable link.. This is very easy to add links to your site..
  5. You can also goto the page via this URL
    in above link change SITENAME with your wapka login and URL_HERE with URL from where you wanna grab the link..
I hope now you will get to know how to use wapka wapbrowser function.. If you didn't get something or even anything write us and we will help you with no delays :) WapkaTutor, always at our services..
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  1. Thanx...but how can i add mutual friend system on my wapka site? I mean husband & wife system...& show it in user profile! thats amazing..plz give me this Information!

  2. I will think about it.. and then will add it, it will be new experience for me :)

  3. Thanx...u are always good...

  4. how change bootom text menu/back to wapka.mobi possible change this url?


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