Why Wapka Outage Time

In this informative tutorial Get to know why is wapka outage time and why its important to keep your site alive :)

Most of newbies and senior wapka members are very angry with the wapka outage time, isn't it??? Well to keep your site active and alive its very important to update the wapka and do some maintenance.. Please if you like wapka then please avoid this little break down because few daily seconds needed to make wapka best..
Wapka maintenance time is always enabled when there is less load on the server.. i.e. If there is less load on server at midnight then this message will be displayed at every midnight daily for few seconds or minutes..

WAP site is out of service, we are doing server maintenance. Please try again for a few minutes.

You don't need to do anything when you see this message, just wait for few seconds or minutes and everything will be fine again, its scheduled task and not any bug or error.. So, enjoy eapka and bear some technical necessities.. Ask anything you wanna know about this outage or maintenance time daily by wapka..
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1 comment:

  1. Hmmm..but I am not angry for this.. Just for 2/3 minutes.. I love wapka very much!


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