Best Solution For PHP Site Lovers

Hi, in this little informative tutorial I am going to tell you the best place where you should host your PHP sites, if you are PHP lover as like me!! :)

You love to make site in PHP! You don't know any reliable site that really is GOOD.. For this we are here to inform you about the best in the world.. Today I am going to tell you the best host in the world ever, you gonna love it.

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  1. Hi bro i dont know php. Can u help me to learn php.

  2. helo, brother i have many things to ask, but i need how to add downloads page on my wapka, my wapka donot need any login for users, it is just free...i learned many things here from you....may Allah bless you is my wapka

  3. I have replied to this request many of the times in this blog as well as wapkatutor facebook page.. I have planned to add this tutorial please be patient

  4. 0k, sir hehehe i will check....and i must be patient always :)

  5. @ahmad bro....what about free hosts like x10hosting.,000webhost, etc..

  6. Sir , is any way to display the persons who like the particular page in facebook ? If yes , please explain . . .

  7. @Ahmed bro Plz Check My wapSite Www.RajfuLLy.Tk if You Find any Wrong plz Let Me... Don't know i am right/wrong way on my wapsite... But sometimes i afraid if my site should be blocked.. I have hard work for this site!

  8. C#6@ I will find and post any free host that inspired me.. :)

    Jegatheesh@ Yes, with facebook social plugins..

    Raj Ahmed@ If your site compiles with the wapka TOS then your site will never be blocked, don't worry.. Wapka admin is user friendly.. :)

  9. Even though it took me a while to go through the steps because I was trying so hard to do it right, this is a great step-by-step solution. Thanks so much for the detailed guide, it is very appreciated from someone who is new to this stuff!
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  10. I must say that overall I am really impressed with this blog.It is easy to see that you are passionate about your writing.
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  11. @friends, if u want to know how tto create a downloading site in php, wapka , xtgem then come on the best solution for wapmasters..!

  12. Nice to you continuing with some more articles on this website, I find some of the technical articles excellent and very practical. Thanks for sharing this useful info that I can apply at my day-job instantly. Thanks again for sharing.

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  13. hey friend do you know to turn wapka site from xhtml to php?


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