Convert Days to Seconds Tool in Wapka

Hi there, in this tutorial we will make a calculator that can covert days into seconds.. This is the great learninig tutorial if you are wapka newbie.. :)

After this nice tutorial, you will be able to add the interesting seconds calculator tool to your lovely wapka site.. Most users ask me to write tutorial on PHP but why to use PHP when you can do all the scripting with wapka.. :) This tool gets the days in number from the user and then tell how many seconds have those days.. Interesting, isn't it?? :)
Lets make our best tool that converts days into seconds..
For this you need to do following steps in your site.
  1. Login to your free wapka account
  2. Goto Admin Mode
  3. Create New page Via ES > New Page, name it seconds calculator.. > open it by clicking on the link
  4. Add the following text via ES > Text
  5. Now add the following code via ES > WML/xHTML code >

    This will add the form that will be used to get the days from the users.. :) No modification required in this wapkatutor script..
  6. Now add the following code via ES > WML/xHTML code >

    This code will actually do the magic.. No modification required in this wapkatutor code..
  7. Now goto ES > USER > ITEM VISIBILITY > Select the code that we created in step 6 and click this link of the code g c t l p u > This will open up new page > Click URL GET variable > Set all values like in image below
  8. Set above item visibility and goto the seconds calculator page in user mode, so that you csn check everything worked..
That is it.. You have added seconds calculator tool in your site with wapkatutor.. Keep yourself in touch with us and get new and nice tutorials.. :) You can also view DEMO of this here..
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  1. How will set new domain for my wapka site ? I register my own domain in . . But when i entering my own domain in settings ( in wapka site ) . It reply that to register the DNS server . What to do to convert my to that registered domain . Please sir give explain . . .

  2. You should buy domain via or there you had the option to set DNS records,,

  3. Ahmed Bhai,I have make a toplist with your old tutorial.But give me a code to show Hits In / hits Out. Example-to show user name=:user-tname:

  4. Sir muje btaye ki apni site me download krne k liye item(wall, søngs) etc. Kaise dalte
    File manegar me mene wall upload kr liye lekin unhe download ke liye visitor ko show kaise kru

  5. @ahmed bro plz help me... I have added photo gallery with user profile like (for exampl):<#a href="site_105.xhtml?get-user=:getid-profile::admin-hash-amp:">Gallery & i have added filelist code of 105 number page/site like :filelist:d=g,x=u::%lname%
    %del-0%:: :get-user: :/filelist: & file uploader "user gallery" then i have check it user mode but its dose not work? Plz help me! My site or

  6. C#3@ Please write this comment on that toplist tutorial, I will read all of them

    C#4@ You can use :filelist: code for this, wait for my next tutorial I will tell you how you can make download page

    Raj Ahmed@ What error did you get there?

  7. When i click galery i redcrate 105 number site but does not showing anything.. I have set "no value paramarter" on filelist like "content unavaible! Check later.." just it showing.. & link was changed like ""

  8. getid-profile should only be used in autocontent of profile page..

  9. Do not understanded... Autocontent profile page means?..

  10. Thanx bro i have found this autocontent.. I given (-4) autocontent for profile page..& its working..

  11. Ahmed,i want to how to redirect to homepage after shouting.Currently after shouting and when press on submit,it goes to the history(forum).bu t i want to redirect it to homepage.How?

  12. hello ahmad pls post some file list. My page www.FreakMob.Tk

  13. C#11@ Can you write the question on the action tutorial so that I can understand it.. Thanks for your time.

    Raj Ahmed@ Okk.. I will write tutorial on it

    sabir@ Okk.. Its already in my todo list

  14. Ahmed bro@ Thanx.. I have found.. I have added wapka tag for this like :userstats:d=ru,l=0,wg=3:: :: :/userstats: & Its Working..

  15. Habib brother, i am waiting for your next update.

  16. Habib, can u give me a code to add comment in shoutbox. Not in forum.

  17. How can make forum like
    tell me plz

  18. C#16@ It will be added tomorrow, i think so..

    C#17@ Sorry, comments in shoutbox not possible..

    Unknown@ ES > New Forum > structured on themes

  19. Yap... ahmed bro :egroup: tag does not work...

  20. Now its working.. Ahmed bro@ i have create a toplist site on wapka! Plz visit & let me how this? ;)
    Www.RoSeBoX.wApKa.MobI or Www.RoSeBoX.Tk
    Plz Visit...

  21. Wapka online time limit (idle) only 5 miniutes.. ;) I want 1 hour.. Plz write @ahmed bro

  22. IDLE?? Can you explain more about it.. Sorry, don't understand you

  23. Pls I beg you in Allah's name help me build a bid form code for wapka. Eg ebay bidin form


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