From Where You Are Getting Hits?

In this tutorial I am going to tell you how you can know that from which sites you are getting hits, so that you can better promote your site :)

This is very easy to see who is sending you hits in wapka, all you need are your eyes.. :) Actually I daily notice who is sending me hits in my site that let me all the site who re sending hits and how much.. You can also keep an eye on these hits sending sites just do the following..
  1. Login to your free wapka account..
  2. Goto Stats
  3. Goto Daily Stats
  4. Now from select menu select YESTERDAY and in other one select ORIGNS
  5. Press OK button, it will do magic.
Now you should see all the sites listed whi has sent you hits yesterday, you can change yesterday to any other date range as well.. Try this out and let us know if you got something new.. Keep visiting wapkatutor for new tutorials on wapka...
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  1. Hai my friend, i need a html script with following option .In first field the guest should give their name,In second field they should give their mobile number,In third field they should give name for the requested files or songs for them.SO THAT easily after updating their request i will send a message from my mobile.Their mobile number should be display only for admin.please help help help.its urgent

  2. You can use ES > Mail Form for this purpose..

  3. Mail from tag did not work..

  4. Can ou tell me more details why you can't use mail form??

  5. bro , add an article about search engine optimizing of wapka site

  6. Okk, I have added your request in my todo list, will be added this asap

  7. Visit My site:

  8. need paging tag
    and how o use it
    this is my 3rd request pls........

  9. Ok.. I will add it as per policy..


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