Question for you all..

Hi, I thought to ask you something about wapka to check your love with it!! Answer this simple question and get rewarded.. :)
My question is very simple indeed which can win you a 1MB treat for your lovely wapka site..
Do you know on how much servers wapka is running??
Answer this and win 1MB for your wapka site.. Just comment to this post and add your wapka site address with your answer.. Thee winners will be rewarded 1MB each. Please post your answer only once, only first answer will be counted in other case.. :)
So, do you know about it?

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  1. No need MB but i give this answer... I love wapka very much..& wapka is the best.. I have get very fast speed on wapka... Its so much...

  2. Pls help me sir habeb some bad hacker use 2 hack my site always pls sir habeb i nid d hacking link or tools nd our 2 release it .thanks

  3. I guess 4
    Salam, plx master Ahmed, i uploded files to my wapka and i also create folders. Now i want to u to please help me to design the upload zone, ability to specify folder during uploading, and finally how to create a download page or link to d uploaded files

  4. Sunymoore@ You can use ES > FILE UPLOADER there is no other way..

  5. Afolabi Henry Kayode@ Sorry, but I dont understand you.. Please explain briefly..

    1. Sir Habib i mean some bad hackers use 2 hack my site nd i want 2 revenge, so pls give me d tutorials 4 hacking a wapsite like, sites or sites nd how 2 release it pls bro

  6. Sorry but I don't know hacking at all.. I can't teach you hacking..

  7. I can help making a uploader zone for your wapka site. Mail me at

  8. Result wil be announced tomorrow..

  9. Wapka has 2

  10. 2 server

  11. want to hack just use this
    1.Go to da website and
    register with yur username and

    2.Your paswrd should be this $$$$$$.

    3.When yu've registrd,then log on to your page
    this is my email
    goto search for harrypotter
    4. Send da person you want 2 hack his/her account a frnd request.

    5.Immediately he/she accepts.Quickly logout and go and registr with his/her username and use this passwrd $$$$$$

  12. How to write site name on video via url


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