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Hi, in this informative tutorial or gossip I will share the best free PHP host in universe that full fill all your needs, so the advance users who wanted to host free PHP sites can enjoy this awesome website..

I knew that many many of you want own PHP site but you are not brave enough to spend some money on paid hosting.. Here is the b est solution for you to enjoy the freedom of own scripting.. I don't know if this will also help the mobile users who don't have PC, but users with PC will get most out of it..

Click here to SignUp for the best PHP hosting and create your own PHP site

With the free hosting account you will have the following incentives..
- 1500 MB Disk Space
- 100,000 MB Bandwidth
- Free Subdomain or Your Own Domain
- Automated Scripts Installer (20 Popular Scripts)
- FTP Access and Web Based File Manager
- Easy to use Website Builder
- 5 MySQL Databases with Full PHP Support
- Zend & Curl Enabled
- IMMEDIATE Activation!
Thats all you want in free hosting.. :)
Here in wapkatutor we will also write the PHP tutorials to help you make interesting PHP site.. Lets get into PHP creation.. Stay with wapkatutor!!
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  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. can u tell me how to copy any stylesheet of any wapka site plzzz help me

  3. how will i set dns server in . . . I already created the account from here . . .

  4. I have registered but how its work?

  5. i nt want to copy css.... I want stylesheet....

  6. is dis luk lyk registratn form in php
    0) { //die ("ERROR: User account already exists."); header("Location: register.php?msg=ERROR: User name already exists. exit(); } if ($_POST['pass1'] != $_POST['pass2']) { //die ("Password does not match"); header("Location: register.php?msg=ERROR: Password does not match.. exit(); } $md5pass = md5($_POST['pass2']);

  7. and is there any spacing in php code

  8. Jegatheesh@ Why you wanna set DNS server, you wanna use own TLD??

    Raj Ahmed@ You need PC to make it work.. You will get the account details via mail there you will have cpanel URL and username with password, just use that and then edit through online file manager,,

    C#7@ No, thats the code that is checkiing the user registration, you will have to make own script by using mysql and PHP to register new account with HTML form.
    What do you mean by spacing??

  9. I mean between the codes is there any spacing in php. Example wapkatutor and w a p k a t u t o r

  10. C#10@ No there is no spacing..
    Raj Ahmed@ Yea the worst part about there service is the account verificatiin process.. :(

  11. pls how cn i set wapka server i hv already register a domain name .tk...hw cn i set it wit my wapka??

  12. Although its in m todo list to add tutorial that helps to add own TLD in wapka.. But you have to set the DNS servers and in to add the domain in your wapka account.

  13. @Habib cn i hv ur phone numb pls


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