February 2012 Namecheap News - Super Bowl Trivia, Namecheap Tips, TRUSTe Privacy!

Happy February! This newsletter is coming early given the special festivities this weekend -- it's the Super Bowl! As you may know, that means we're giving away lots of prizes. Keep on reading!

Namecheap's Super Weekend Twitter Trivia Contest
To celebrate the Super Bowl, we're running a Twitter trivia and giving away great prizes this weekend, February 4th through 5th, with great prizes including domain name credits and the latest in portable computing. All of the details will be posted on our contest page this week, so please be sure to check it out!

TRUSTe from Namecheap
Now, you can purchase two well known privacy seals directly from us, as we've added TRUSTe to the Namecheap family! You can purchase a TRUSTe Privacy Policy or the TRUSTe Privacy Policy with its well known Site Seal directly from us via this link starting February 2nd. TRUSTe is a brand name you can trust and reflects some of the highest standards in the web market today.

Spotlight on Anya, Assistant Marketing Manager
Having worked since 2007 in the Support, Fraud Prevention and Quality Assurance departments, I bring 5 years of experience to the Namecheap Marketing Team. My everyday task is to improve on the existing marketing processes and create new products to keep my company competitive and highly reactive to the market.

Namecheap Tip of the Month: Security Notifications
Did you know that you can turn on security notifications to be informed about changes made to your Namecheap account? We have Security Settings that allow you to be emailed at an address of your choosing when someone logs into your account, changes your profile, or performs any domain name update. To access and enable these settings, log into your account, click on Manage Profile, and then click on Security Settings on the left. Then, select your desired notifications and change your email. For more details and instructions, please refer to our help document or our video demo.

Reseller Hosting Trial
For the month of February, we're giving you a chance to try our reseller hosting for $1 for the first month! We're so confident in the offerings that we want you to give it a spin. Add our reseller hosting to your cart, select the monthly billing cycle, and the discount will be automatically applied. This offer is limited to 1 trial package per customer and is valid on all level reseller hosting plans.

February Coupon Codes
Get a cheaper transfer to Namecheap on February 5th only (GoDaddy transfers only) using coupon code BYEBYEGD. This is a $6.99 transfer coupon code for com/net/org/info/biz and is limited to 10 uses per account.

This month, our coupon code for new domain registrations and transfers for com/net/org/biz domains is DOMAININ. This coupon code can also be used for .in registrations and transfers for February only! Act fast as this is a limited time coupon. It is also limited to 30 uses per account.

Get 10% off VPS registrations for your first month with coupon code VMFEB, and get 10% off shared hosting for your first month with coupon code PHXATLSHARES.

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  1. I have a wapsite.I registered on buzzcity,but only banner ads are coming,no text ads.How to include text ads in my site?

  2. I don't know if its the buzzciity problem..

  3. @ahamad habib.........pls add a tutorial about meta tags....for eg. Meta about description, refresh, google search engine, etc....pls

  4. wapsite is out of service. . . . . "right now! why this?? how this wapka system? my wapsite user angry for this.."

  5. 1st@ Its already there please search this forum
    2nd@ Dail you will see this message for 5-7 minutes.. In between this message wapka servers are updated and maintenance is done.. Thats important for your site to run..

  6. Today it was 3 hours..& some wapsite was showing/working, some wapsite was maintence.. How this problem..i know this system only 5-7 minutes at 5:00 am for bangladesh time.. But today it was 3 hours at 10am-01pam.. How this problem..& why?

  7. We are sorry for this issue.. It maybe some problems or some bugs.. We hope that it will not happen again.. Thanks for being part of wapka


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