What's Your IP Address?

Do you know your IP address?? No? but why not?? If you are good wapmaster; you should know what's an IP address. In this little tutorial I am going to tell you what is IP Address actually and how you can add this IP address teller service to your wapka site for free..

What is an IP Address?
An Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a numerical label assigned to each device.. IP address is a unique identifier that enables the host to get info about your access singularly or I should say independently.. Example of an IP address is
Site often note your IP address to protect or make a session to their site so you visit again and they grab your intention with a shocking welcome message.. joking :)
Many networks assign dynamic IP address so it changes after set amount of seconds. This is usually done for security reasons.

IP address teller service for your wapka site
Lets make an amazing service to help people find their IP address in your wapka site. This will not attract many but many will also love this service. Follow these steps.
  • Login to your free wapka account
  • Goto admin mode
  • Add new page and name it IP teller service, after this open this page.
  • Add the following code via ES > WML/xHTML code

  • Wohooo!! We have added this service. You can design it as you like and also can use the above code at any place you like in your site..
view Demo

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  1. Please, please don't write your IP Addresses here as comment.. Thanks

  2. I have added this with user browser, country & flag.... Like
    your browser: :phone:
    IP: :ip:
    Country: :country-4: :country-1:
    Its Look like good... & wapka is the best

  3. Ahmed bro@ i have some problem while user blog system.. I have give this code :bloglist:o=n,l=5,x=u,n=this user blog was not found::%title%<#br/>%text%:: :get-user: :/bloglist: but its Not working.. Its show all blog from my wapsite when even i select a user.. I have also added this code of user autocontent page like <#a href="site_user_blog.xhtml?get-user=:getid-profile::adimin-hash-amp:">This User blog but its not working.. Whats wrong?

  4. Bappy raj@ Can you write here your site URL, so I can check the problem..

  5. I am really sorry ahmed bro@ for disturbing.. some mistake.. Plz forgive me.. (:get-user: ::/bloglist:) in the last tag ::/bloglist: i have given duble ::
    Now Working.. My site http://bdraj.wapka.mobi you can see mind status in the profile page ;( check it http://bdraj.wapka.mobi/profile/Bappy_raj Thanx!

  6. Don't leave any spaces inbetween the code.

  7. Ahmed Bhai,How To Set Auto Redirect to Another site.

  8. ahmed bro... How can I create page where the page link is in a div style

  9. page link in a div style?? I don't understand your question

  10. Page link in a div style should be in this format.

    < a h r e f = " :url-site-XX " > < d i v > T E X T < / d i v > < / a >

    Very informative and good site wapkatutor. You can also visit mine at UCODE, code like a pro. :D

  11. Plz i nid your help urgently i just opened a wapka site and i dont know what to do next. Plz help me plzzzzz

  12. Really Good information about Ip-address...You can check the Ip-address of your internet connection and the location etc using the site www.ip-details.com


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