Allow User to Search in Your Wapsite

Hi, in this tutorial I will explain search feature in wapka. With the help of this feature you can allow visitors of your site to search for content they need..

Lets do it in wapkatutor's way :)

Step 1: Login to your free wapka account
Step 2: Goto Admin Mode
Step 3: Goto ES > Searching
Step 4: You will be redirected to a page where you will see the form to add the search box for your visitors..You will need to edit the following parts in the form.
[a] Text on button: This is the text you wanna display on submit button.. Like "Search" etc.
[b] Search on site/forum*: This area is to write the site ID's to search in. This is  little bit tricky part, let me explain it..
For sites: If you want to search on the whole site leave this field blank. In the other case insert site ID where you want to search. Searching will be automatically applied also on every page under selected site.
If you want to insert more sites, where you want to search, separate them by comma (2,8,95)
 If you want to search only in selected site without under sites insert in front of site ID symbol "_" - underline. (e.g.: _2) or (e.g.: _2,_8,_95)
For forum: If you want to search on all your forums leave this field blank. In the other case insert Forum ID, where you want to search. If you want to insert more forums, separate them by comma (1,2,3)
[c] Under Search on site/forum*: you willl see select box from which you can select where you wanna search i.e. in Forums, Sites or in Users.
Step 5: Now add the form and see if it worked for you..

That way you can add as many search form as you like in all your wapka site pages. Let us know what you did and what happened to you. Sharing the problems makes problem easier.

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  1. Search feature is not working.i'm already tried that.So i put another search engine in my site in which Search result working fine but paging is NOT u please help site is and my paging is below

    :paging:n=:geti-p(1),u=site_:getid-site:6.xhtml:admin-hash-qm:&get-p=%n%&get-search=:get-search:&get-file=:getu-file: :: %first% %prev% %n% %n% %n% %next% (%n% %n%... %nlast%):/paging:

  2. Why is this 6 in your paging code


  3. Many is wrong in this paging tag.. Try to put :geti-p(1): and site_:getid_site:.xhtml

  4. Now the paging is like this&it shows parameter [u] is missing
    :paging: n=:geti-p(1): :u=site_:getid_site:6.xhtml::admin-
    file=:getu-file: :: %
    first% %prev% %n%
    %n% %n% %next%
    (%n% %n%... %nlast

  5. Bro ahmed, please can you help wit lik facebook wall tag on wapka site..please

  6. What features you want in your wapka site like facebook wall?

  7. Features like |Photos uploading to the wall|like & comment on picture and message on d wall sir ...

  8. Ahmed bro@ have any tutorial about this? When i buy a domain for my wapka domain then its do not show in uc mode.. Why? I have a .com domain for my wapka site & domain is

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Plz ahmed i need tutoril on How To get a dot tk domain for free on my site i av tried alot of times bt nothing.. It only show dns server error or invalid please i need ur help

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. Check

  9. @ahmad bro,how to make search feauture like
    :( reply plz

  10. What is the code for break line in rss feed?

  11. 9@ I will think about this

    10@ ask for UC support

    11@ You can use :filelist: tag

    WapkaLover@ Nice question its
    see my tutorial on this topic

  12. WapkaLover@ Its br tag but use <br/>

  13. If possible give me a ideal rss feed.Where u'll use all tags : image tag,link tag,line break tag,bold font tag and others.Also make a tutorial for admin tag.Please do it as soon as possible.

  14. @ahmad
    can you give tut about autologin when any user come in home page again he is logged out

  15. How can i use groups in toplist when user register their site in how can they select groups like download,entertainment pls any code

  16. please i want my username and password box me

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  18. Dear admin
    please give me search code that can search words which given in variable.please admin?

  19. Dear Brother,why is code not working?It shows parameter u is missing!

  20. pls i nid wapka code for forum search

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  23. Dat paging stuff the problem is :admin-hash-amp:

  24. need forum search code like that on the site happens to be the best wapka site ever


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