New WapMaster Friendly WapSite

Hi there, In this little informative post I am going to tell you the new wapmaster pradise. Keep reading for more.

Check out this wapsite
This wapsite has following features..
1. Support Forum to discuss wap issues
2. Tools like forumlist Generators, Filelist Generators and more
3. Free White label services
4. Tips n Tricks
5. Add your favoourite links..
and many many more..
So visit this site now to get all what you want.


  1. How to redirect my wapka address to another address.

  2. HOw TO Create new Wapka plz help ..........

    can u help me


  3. pls hw can i create link while commentin on a site

  4. Add Your Site @ [b][url]http://Exwapi.Com[/url][/b]

  5. Hi please give a tut on using facebook details to register new user , so that user can login wapka site with facebook , thanks!

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  7. Hello sir my site is locked or hacked my pin code is not recieving my registered email. I did very hard work my wapka site plz plz plz help me. Thanx in advance


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