Do You Know This Statistics About Site Creators?

.Do you know statistics about all site creators and their rankings in world?? Which one of them is the favorite? Let you know :)
Do you know according to alexa traffic rank system, is the worlds best site creator and its competitors are very far from it. Here is the complete reference to the alexa site rank statistics. Check and compare and let us know your ideas.

Statistics about Wapka.Mobi
According to Alexa traffic ranks the Wapka.Mobi is ranked 3,605th worldwide and the lowest country wise rank is in Saudi Arabia and its 2,382nd. 628 sites linking in to according to alexa. Since last week wapka is getting lower visits then the normal days. It maybe because wapka was down for one whole day. Wapka.Mobi is ranked 599th in India, rank in Pakistan is 1,398th. The best in Sudan and its 143. Male users use wapka more than female users. The amazing part is that most of the users use wapka from their school.. What????? Yeah its a fact. :) Under age 24 users use wapka most and over 54 very few people use wapka. why?? Common people use it.

Statistics about XtGEM.Com
According to Alexa traffic ranks the is ranked 16,664th worldwide and the lowest country wise rank is in Indonesia and its 719th. 3,562 sites linking in to according to alexa. Its users increased last week about 3%. is ranked 12,408th in India, in Pakistan its rank is 8,971st. Its top rank is in Vietnam where it ranked 667th. Same as Male users use most then the female but difference is not quite big, i.e. 2/3. Users access most from Home and School in respect to the work places. Users with age under 24 use it most and also it has courage in users over the age of 55.

These two sites are the leading mobile site creation tools, having courage in all countries worldwide. Its your choice, which one is easier and affordable. In my views wapka is the most powerful and easiest then others. It has plenty of features than others don't have.

Feel free to share your thoughts, ask what you don't know and share few or more ideas with us. You are always welcome.

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  1. i just love wapka alot even if i have a hosted site still i couldnt leave my wapka sites and alone. Wapka is the best


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