Google Redirect You to Country Specific Domain??

Hi, in this little informative tutorial I will show that how you can get rid of auto redirection to specific country level domain. For example, if you are visiting from India; you write, it will automatically redirect you to
Whenever I wanted to search the web by; I wrote the address in my address bar and it just redirected me to (Without my permission.... :)). I thought I will find a way to get rid of this and here I am with the solution. I wanted to share it with all the world because I like to share things, that I believe will help others.

Suppose, you are from Pakistan, you want to surf, what will you do? Of course, you will type in in address bar but you will amazed to see that what ever you do you will see :) in your address bar. Its because google finds and redirects users automatically to their respective country level domains that google has already registered.

How to overcome this issue or I think tweak?? Well to over come this issue just use ncr command in url, for example.

So, if you are in India, you will see website and no redirect to the and if you are in Pakistan or any other country, you will also see the same url as like indian just because of ncr command. ncr stands for No Country Redirect.

I hope this was interesting tutorial, stay tuned to get more of such tutorials..

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