Holidays Are Over Now.. New Wapka Updates :)

Hi, wapkatutor team was having holidays for last 4 days. We have not added any new tutorials in this period. Wapka has been upgraded several times. Lets get back to the work. :)
Thanks for staying at wapkatutor. Now at wapkatutor we will add news, reviews, new tutorials and more in upcoming days regularly. New tutorials will include Content Manager, tricky tutorials.

Also we will try to create new toplist site in wapka due to users feedbacks about last toplist tutorial.

We will also touch advanced wapka,THML,PHP syntax and coding..

If we look into wapka latest updates, there are many added. Actually wapka is upgrading content manager and just emphasizing on this for the little time period now. We will cover each and every part of this content manager, we know that content manager is little different and very hard to get into it. We at wapkatutor, will make sure that you can do each step easily and in no time.

Lets enjoy wapsite building with wapkatutor.
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